Eradication of Polio From World and India-Ist Morning of Polio Free India

Eradication of Polio From World and India
Eradication of Polio From World and India

13 January, 2012 will be historic day for India; reason first morning of polio free India (Bharat). Last one year no polio case has been reported in India. The United Nations and leading world organizations celebrated India’s first polio free year. This is a milestone in the eradication of polio from India and the World too. Earlier it was assumed that India will  be the last country that will be polio free. But our neighbouring countries Pakistan, Afghanistan and African part Nigeria are still fighting with thsi disease. After small pox, polio is the second deadliest disease in the world, from which the world is trying to get rid off.

Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria should take Inida as their role modle in removal of polio from theri country. Polio virus attacks on the nervous system of the body. After the attack the victim’s body part get paralized in few hours. Polio attacks the children below five year age. India has waited for 10 years to remove this disease from the country.

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