Where is India’s Navy Chief? Indians busy in Politics, Forget Nation’s Security!!!

About a month ago Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) Admiral D.K. Joshi resigned on moral grounds for the tragedies involving warships and submarines in the sea. Still Indian Navy is headless. Last time similar situation happened in 1998 under NDA ruling when the then CNS Admiral Bhagwat was sacked from his post. But at that time the position was not vacant for a day. Admiral Sushil Kumar was made Admiral Bhagwat successor overnight.  But why today the post is still vacant even after around for month? Do the ruling and…

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Diwali 2013 Gifts-Choose Them Judiciously

Gift Box For Diwali

With the auspicious ‘Diwali’ round the corner, a hectic level of preparation is now a common spectacle everywhere. People are noticed to be engrossed in giving final touches to the PANDALS. The entire nation gives the impression of an unscathed enthusiasm to nurture their ageless bonding with this festivity of lights. DIWALI gifts form an integral part of the ethereal brilliance of the festival. These gifts serve the purpose of sharing the raptures that loom large in your heart. Love and emotion which are equally blended in shape of these…

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2012 US Election Results and Its Impact on India

US India Relation After 2012 Election

Does US India Relation After 2012 Election will get Stronger or Weaker? US elections had been in full throttle and with Mr. Barack Obama making his way to the White House for the second time wild speculations are allowed to run free. The election results are no doubt crucial for Americans. However considering the tentative views of economists and experts it seems that the electoral outcomes are going to impact the subcontinent of India on a serious note. The equation of US & India political relationships largely rests on this…

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2013 DIWALI Celebration Date is Sunday, November 3, 2013

Deepawali 2013-Sunday, November 3, 2013

Diwali/Deepawali Celebration Date Calendar – Sunday, November 3, 2013 DIWALI (November 3, 2013) is not merely a significant part of the Hindu calendar. As a matter of fact, it forms an integral part of the way of life. The celebration earmarks the essence of domineering conquest of good over evil powers. The festivity causes an occasion for relentless merriment for people belonging to all social strata. As an ethereal emblem of brightness as well as radiance, the festival does not make any distinction between the haves and the have not’s.…

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BJP against the FDI in Multi Brand Retail

FDI In Retail

BJP is of the view that India will not be benefitted at all if FDI in multi brand retail is allowed. The issues related to the speculation of FDI are long under debate and controversy. On Monday, BJP declared that it is completely against the proposal of the stand on FDI in the retail industry. At the same time, it also declared that the policy will be directly scrapped by it if the NDA is successful in coming to power. However, there was a report that Sukhbir Badal, the deputy…

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Is Karnataka at all trying to assume the role of a peacemaker in the controversial Cauvery water issue?

The much talked about and self proclaimed ‘good will gestures” of Karnataka is being put to questions by Tamil Nadu government on the crucial issue concerning inappropriate Cauvery water distribution. Karnataka is presumed to release an approximate quantity of 1.25 TMCFT (10,000 cusses) per day. Tamil Nadu government does not seem to be contented with this distribution. They have brought in the slander that the stand of Karnataka in this issue is completely and undeniably ‘reprehensible’. Tamil Nadu government raises serious concerns to the fact that Karnataka’s stand on Cauvery…

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UPA still laced with the threats and revolts staged by Mamata Banerjee

The undisputed Trinamul Congress supreme madam Mamata Banerjee is still in the mood of hurling a scathing attack on UPA government with her constant threats and warning unseating the UPA government. There are apparently a trail of issues that happens to play major role behind all these threats and warnings posed by the inscrutable chief minister of West Bengal. While taking to the streets in Kolkata yesterday madam Mamata Banerjee had avowed that she had no intentions to sever the alliance with UPA but the recent decisions taken by the…

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Washington Post Termed Manmohan Singh As “Tragic Figure”

Washington Post calls Manmohan Singh a "tragic figure"

Washington Post Controversially Termed Manmohan Singh As “Tragic Figure” It is presumably a hard time for Manmohan Singh, the soft spoken and recluse prime minister of India. Time and again this veteran politician has to face disheartening and excruciating comments from his red eyed critics who seem to find his performance as a prime minister too frail and deplorable. Very recently the celebrated Times Magazine put him on the face of canons by calling him “The Underachiever”. As if it was not enough, the Washington Post sentenced him to calumny…

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Indians have a High Risk of Heart Problems-Study Reveals Shocking Reports

Indians have a high risk of heart problems

The statistical report is saying that the Indians are having weaker hearts. The report says that the Indians possess a genetic damage for having cardiac diseases. They have thin arteries and walls within the tissues of the heart. They have a high risk of getting heart diseases with high fat and poor physical activity. They must take fruits and vegetables continuously to maintain the calories of the body. The Indians are living an inactive life according to the study of Word congress of cardiology in Dubai. This study reveals some…

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Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Deal for Economic Rise

Pranab Mukherjee Thinking For Economic Rise of India

The Finance Minister of Indian government, Pranab Mukherjee says that the government has to take some decision regarding the pension, insurance and banking sectors for this year. He says that the government is initiating the changes in the administrative department to benefit the economy. He also says that it is predictable to take decision to propose the budget for the coming year. Pranab Mukherjee acknowledges the reforms to change the difficulties with a serious challenge. The finance minister says that the government’s GDP is more in demand to maintain the…

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