2012 US Election Results and Its Impact on India

US India Relation After 2012 Election

Does US India Relation After 2012 Election will get Stronger or Weaker?

US India Relation After 2012 Election
US India Relation After 2012 Election

US elections had been in full throttle and with Mr. Barack Obama making his way to the White House for the second time wild speculations are allowed to run free. The election results are no doubt crucial for Americans. However considering the tentative views of economists and experts it seems that the electoral outcomes are going to impact the subcontinent of India on a serious note. The equation of US & India political relationships largely rests on this juncture. It is to be observed where the elation results are going to do anything positive with the economic challenges as well as murky issues with which Indian politics is severely laced today.

Mr. Manmohan Singh, the revered prime minister of India, made it a point to pass on good wishes to Mr. Barack Obama soon after he had his victory over his close contestant Mitt Romney. In spite of the pleasantries and all the friendly dispositions there are rooms for doubt whether the latest results of US election are going to rev up the economic situation in India and the value of Indian money (which seems to be pretty low for quite some time). Outsourcing is another vital issue as Mr. Barack Obama continues to maintain his rigid mentality on this issue.

It is time to wait and watch whether the US election results are going to pave way for a better political, economic as well as societal reforms in India. Lowering pressure on Indian money and making way for its upward growth should be considered as a positive sign in this regard. Let’s get the fingers crossed on this issue.

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